Learn Chocolate Survival Skills for When Only Chocolate Will Do!

"Chocolate isn't a luxury, it's a necessity!"

Lindy Howard

Lollipop Kits for Easter fun Featuring Bunnies, Chicks and Flowers to make at home using  Belgian couverture chocolate

Delicious options including Belgian chocolate buttons, real hot chocolates, chocolate bars, dipped fruits and nuts, salted caramels and hand made truffles.

Chocolate kits for adults and older children – indulge yourself and exhibit your artistic flair with delicious results!

mini filled chocolate egg kits

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High Cocoa Chocolates

High cocoa chocolate has many health benefits. 

It contains high levels of flavenols which are antioxidants helping to combat free radical damage to cells. 

It is clinically proven to reduce blood pressure when eaten in regular small amounts. 

Cocoa nibs are exceptionally good for the teeth, helping to combat the bacteria in the mouth.

Chocolate has long been considered an aphrodisiac releasing “feel good” seratonins in the brain.   

Why not try one of our high cocoa survival kits ranging from 75 – 100% cocoa?  These single origin chocolates taste delicious and will even do you good!

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