TO us, chocolate isn't just something you eat but a joyous activity!

Cheryl Brighty

“For me, chocolate is a fusion of art and science. I enjoy teaching people about chocolate and what you can do with it.  I’ve been working with chocolate for 17 years now.  It’s a very flexible medium for expressing creativity.

Quite soon after we founded Artistry in Cocoa, we created a teenage chocolate birthday party and things grew from there to encompass anyone of any age who loves chocolate and would like to make it for any occasion.  I’ve been wanting to develop kit versions of some of our workshops and the current need for activities at home was just the impetus I needed. I hope you enjoy the result!

To make our kits extra special, we have included online tutorials. We will have some kits that will have live-streamed workshops so we can make chocolates together – you could even make chocolates with your friends in multiple locations at the same time!

We only use professional quality couverture chocolate throughout our range.”

Photo courtesy of Regina Ray Photography,>

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