100% Cocoa Small Eggs and Mini Bars


100% Cocoa Small Eggs and Miniature Chocolate Bars.

100% cocoa chocolate from Madagascar, made from nothing but the cocoa bean, smooth, light and acidic in the mouth with deep earthy notes.
It’s ideal for eating after dinner or for using as a boost to start the day.

This chocolate works well added in small amounts to chilli and in sausagemeat stuffing.

You can add a splash of hot water to make a chocolate “expresso” shot, melt or grate it over icecream…

Eaten regularly in small doses, it is good for lowering blood pressure.

You could even follow Samuel Pepys of diary fame and use it as a hangover cure!

The Kit contains two 5 cm eggs and ten 4.5 g mini bars. e 85g in total.


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