Classic Piped Dark Chocolate Truffle Selection

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Make a selection of classic chocolate-coated and decorated, cream-based dark chocolate truffles.


Just add cream or butter to make a classic dark chocolate ganache.   Pipe your truffles into  chocolate “shells” and temper some dark chocolate to coat them.  Finish by decorating with cocoa, fruit powders, or a contrasting chocolate and pack in a presentation box.


This kit contains soya, to make this kit you will be adding dairy products.

1 review for Classic Piped Dark Chocolate Truffle Selection

  1. Elizabeth M

    This kit was absolutely amazing! All of the chocolate is very high quality and the instructions were simple and clear. You can create your own truffles, by piping ganache into shells, then cover with a variety of tempered chocolate and decorations (including my favourite dried raspberries!) Each kit contains several different types of chocolate, toppings and piping bags so that you can be as creative as you like. A superb present!

    • Cheryl Brighty

      Thank you for your review, We hope you enjoyed eating them as much as you did making them 🙂

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